Imaginary Cities 1

Birrarung Marr, Melbourne 2016. This massive work occupied a slope in the Birrarung Marr park lands in the centre of Melbourne. At this time I was interested in the abstract characteristics of maps and cities planning. Ordered, rational, overcoming the organic emergence of urban areas through opportunity, practical expediency and chaos. Central Melbourne began as an imaginary city, a ordered grid on a swampy landscape surrounding the Yarra as it dissolved into Port Phillip Bay. Birrarung Marr began as an imaginary site obscuring the old railway yards that existed there before. I came to the site with an idea to re-create an imaginary city. My reference was Walter Burley Griffin’s plans for the city of Griffith NSW. Concentric circles on a dividing axis. a river running through it. Griffith became a town, but not the grand vison of it’s architect. I decided to recreate it here as a perfect, cool design. A love letter from one imaginary site to another.