Rough Diamonds (In the Shadow of Maree Man)

This work came about during one of my many visits to Alberrie Creek Station, South Australia. It is a low lying country of salt bush and small dunes interspersed by gibber plain. These plains are strewn with different types of rock and minerals washed down over millennia from surrounding hills and can hold paint well. It was here on one of these rocky expanses I installed Rough Diamonds: (In the shadow of Marree Man). Maree Man refers to a mesa approximately 20 kilometers to the north where years before, a local created a massive glyph of an indigenous figure hunting with a boomerang. My work work was considerably smaller, coming in at around 60 meters long by 30 wide. At the time I made this work, there were no drones available to document the work from the air. Fortunately someone had a hot air balloon at the site and I managed to get an aerial shot of the finished piece.